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Business Financing & Lines of Credit

Help Your Business Expand and Better Serve Your Customers

No matter the size of your business, it’s important to have a lender in your corner who understands what you go through every day as a business owner. Our business lenders have all the experience you need. We’ll listen to you to understand the challenges you’re facing and the goals you have for your business, and we’ll help you choose the right loan that will help you reach those goals.

If you want to learn more about how working with our lending team can help your business, please stop into our offices.

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Business Financing Options

Business Term Loans

Term loans give you the ability to make purchases for your business while being able to easily budget your monthly payments. Term loans can be used to purchase equipment, add inventory, and much more. We offer competitive rates for business term loans, and your loan features a fixed rate and payment with terms that can extend as long as 7 years.

Meet Our Business & Ag Lenders

Business Lines of Credit

If your business experiences seasonal peaks and valleys in cash flow, a line of credit is a great option to make sure you’re able to continue operating without running short on cash. Lines of credit provide working capital that can be used to maintain your operation and keep your business growing.

Meet Our Business & Ag Lenders