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Getting Pre-approved

Getting pre-approved may be the most important step in buying your first home or dream home.  Your Realtor will require it before you can make an offer and the benefits of getting this done are tremendous.


  1. You will need a pre-approval letter in order to make an offer
  2. Decide if you're ready to buy 
  3. Know exactly what your loan payments will be before you make an offer
  4. Save time by looking at the right homes
  5. Being pre-approved is a great negotiating weapon
  6. Be able to act quickly to lock-in loan rates after your offer is accepted
  7. If you're selling an existing home, know all your options in case your existing home doesn't sell right away

Getting Started

There are some items you'll need when you meet with us to get started:

  1. 30 days most recent pay stubs
  2. 2 years tax returns and W2's
  3. information about existing loans
  4. information about existing banking accounts

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