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Business Lines of Credit

Business Lines of Credit

How important is it to you that you work with a bank that has a 7 point business cashflow management strategy and consults with you on managing your cash flow so you never miss payroll and never miss out on a business opportunity because you always have access to enough cash? 

  1. Managing your debt. 

  • Proper debt structure for your business 

  • Adequate operating line of credit 

  1. Managing your spare cash. 

  • Building a cash reserve 

  • The right time to payoff debt 

  • Becoming a cash buyer 

  1. Managing your cash cycles. 

  • Negotiating terms with suppliers 

  • Shortening cash cycles 

  • Advantages of collecting accounts receivables faster 

  1. Managing your cash flow forecasts. 

  • Sales and expenses forecasts 

  • Inventory management 

  • Access to cash when you need it 

  1. Managing your working capital. 

  • Understanding your capital needs 

  • Keeping cash in your business 

  1. Managing your assets. 

  • Buying versus leasing equipment 

  • Asset liquidity versus asset productivity 

  1. Managing your accounts. 

  • Setting up the right accounts 

  • Separating profit from expenses 

  • Understanding cash management services 

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