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Conducting Transactions Online


We are observing increased and active fraud at this time and we need to express how important it is to keep your online banking credentials as secure as possible.  We are working hard to protect your money.  

If you receive a text message that appears to come from the bank - DO NOT REPLY - or a phone call from someone asking for your online banking credentials or attempting to reset your credentials, HANG UP THE PHONE immediately!

For your safety and security, it's important to understand tactics that fraudsters will try to obtain your login credentials and attempt to harm you financially.  Please read the important information below about how you can protect yourself.


We will NEVER call, email or text asking you to:

  • Click on a link that you were not expecting – NEVER
  • Provide Personal Information – NEVER
  • Provide your username and password for online banking – NEVER
  • Provide your multi-factor authentication code that is sent to your phone or email – NEVER

We will NEVER:

  • Threaten to cancel or close your accounts because you didn’t give us information – NEVER
  • Ask you to give us security information that was sent specifically to you – NEVER
  • Rush you into doing something you normally don’t do on your online banking – NEVER
  • Ask you to transfer money– NEVER
  • Ask you for access to your computer or mobile device – NEVER

How to avoid falling victim to one of these scams

  • Be aware: Don't trust any unsolicited calls and verify the source of anyone who claims to be calling from your bank. If you receive a call from someone who says they're from your bank, take down their name and hang up. Using a different phone line, call the bank using an established and verified number, such as the number on the back of your debit card.
  • Don't assume: Though your call display might say the call is coming from your bank, don’t assume the caller is legitimate. Scammers often use call spoofing technology so that your call display shows the name of a company or financial institution to make you believe their request is authentic.
  • Protect your personal information: To verify your identity, your bank will ask basic questions to ensure they are speaking to the correct person. However, they will never ask you to disclose your passwords or your PIN number on the phone. If you feel uncomfortable with the call or feel like you are being asked questions that feel too personal, hang up.

Our Commitment to you is that we will do everything we can to protect your hard-earned money and your identity.  Our organization standards are to know who our customers are at all times so that we can protect your assets.  We promise that our intention is never to make things difficult, we are here to protect your information, educate you on fraud scams, and help you stay informed.

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