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A Community Bank focused on Relationship-Banking

The recent closure of two large regional banks (Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank) have made many news headlines.  It’s important to understand that neither of those banks are representative of the financial institutions in our local markets.  We are a relationship-based bank with local customers and small businesses making up the vast majority of our customer base.  We aren’t following the unusual business models of the two banks that failed as they had a vastly different and more specialized banking model with over 90% of their deposits uninsured.  Silicon Valley Bank catered to large tech companies that had large deposits and little need for loans.  As their customers used their deposits, they had to sell off investments for large losses.  Signature Bank in New York had a large base of customers serving the crypto currency industry.  With some recent events involving the failure of crypto currency businesses, many of their depositors had a similar problem with large deposits that were well above the FDIC guaranteed limits.

Minnesota National Bank is coming off our greatest year.  Our bank is well-capitalized and we do not resemble the business model of recently failed banks.  Our owners are local individuals, just like you.  We’re not a publicly traded bank.  If you have concerns about these recent stories, we invite you to call us and have a conversation with us so we can address any specific questions you may have. 

In fact, we welcome you to place your deposits with us or talk with us about how we can solve your banking deposit needs and concerns.  Thank you!